Dear Anne,

 We wanted to write to thank you very very much for your outstanding tuition of Oliver. He is delighted to have been offered a place in Year 7 at Claremont, thanks in no small part to your support and advice. His creative writing in particular has blossomed under your motivational and creative instruction. You have always demonstrated a firm but caring and wonderfully humorous approach in all our sessions with you. Oliver's self confidence has markedly increased as a result. We would very happily recommend you as a tutor.

With our warmest wishes,

Oliver, Diane and Andrew Roberts

Hi Anne,
Seb is delighted to have passed both English exams. This is undoubtedly down to your help, so a big thank you in helping him to keep his place in the 6th form.  Thank you once more for your calm and patient approach with Seb, it is a shame I can't say the same for all his school teachers!

with very best wishes,

Julie and Seb

Hi Anne,

I've been meaning to email you in the past week, as results day went really well! I passed my driving test on Friday too.  Overall I got BBC which is what I needed for Portsmouth. For English I got a C, but for 2 modules (Malfi and 1984/Handmaid's) I got B's (Malfi was a few marks off an A), and with King Lear I was only 3 marks off a B, so overall it was a high C!

Thanks for all your help with the novels, as you can see the higher grades were for the ones we particuarly worked on together so that is great credit to you! I am very grateful for everything.

Best regards,


Dear Anne

A big thank you for helping my son prepare for his secondary school entrance exams. Not only has he secured a place at his chosen school but his current school teacher has commented about his improvement in mathematics. It goes without saying that without your input this would not have been possible.  Thank you also for your patience in taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to me. Being kept up to date about his progress was very reassuring. Whilst ultimately the final result is down to the child, a good tutor not only makes learning fun but stress free for the family too!

Humeera Khan (parent of 11 year old)

Dear Mrs Goodsall,

Thankyou very much for helping me get through my exam! Without you I wouldn't have been able to pass my Sutton Grammar exam.

Shahid Khan (11 year old)

I cannot thank you enough for the help that you have given me

Caz x x

Dear Anne,

Sorry it has taken a while for me to get back to you regarding Edward. I thought you would like to know that he has accepted a place at Halliford School in Shepperton. Both he and Jason & I are thrilled as this was our preferred school and  Ed has the place he wanted.

You will be pleased to know that Ed is continuing to love creative writing and wrote a brilliant piece of work on a Hero/Menace theme for school last week. This was helped by drawing out the characters and setting for homework first - it really got the story straight in his head before he put pen to paper. I also found him sitting on the landing this morning reading a Robert Muchamore novel and I had to ask him three times to come downstairs to have breakfast! What a breakthrough!

Kind regards,


Dear Anne,

You have been fantastic with Chas, and I hope we can contact you again if the need arises. As you know, he is due to take the Wellington scholarship exam early next year, and it’s quite possible that he will require some extra tutoring closer to that time. In the meantime, thank you for all your work with him. I really appreciate the poems and stories he’s written….good quality that has been lovely to share with the family.

Kind regards,

Gretchen Cerveny

I just wanted to send you a short email thanking you for all your help in getting me prepared for my English GCSE's. I passed all of my GCSE's and did exceptionoally well. I recieved a C in English Language and a B in English Literature. Thank you very much, hope to speak to you soon.

Olivia  (Student - predicted Grade E by her school)

Anne Goodsall ready to play part in teaching revolution
TES - Report by Craig Kind

Top UK teacher Anne Goodsall is ready to play a key role as the British teaching community embraces its bright and buoyant future.  

 An impassioned source at TES said the following:
"Fellow TES members are particularly thrilled at the prospect of connecting to and hearing some of Anne ’s own resources and ideas.
In an interview, one member told us:
"Anne has been doing some really good things up to now, so I'm looking forward to comparing notes and sharing ideas and resources.
Teaching can often feel extremely classroom-centric, so connecting with teachers like Anne and their ideas breathes new life into your own approach. In short, the more the merrier!"  No doubt there will be many more positive headlines to come.